Back to School, Back to Melodores

We're back! Oh, how we've missed singing together. We had our first performance of the year at Spotlight (a performing arts showcase) this past Friday evening - a whopping nine  Melodores sang "Radioactive" to a huge crowd of mainly first-years, hoping to win both new MeloFans and potential new Melodores! 


This Tuesday and Wednesday, from 4PM-9PM, we're having auditions. With the loss of Seth, TC, Will, and Aidan, this is a big recruiting year for us - for the first time (the Melodores were founded in 2009), the Melodores Alumni outnumber the guys in the group.

A few other updates:

Back in the spring, we elected our officer corps for the year:

  • PRESIDENT | Augie Phillips, Junior
  • VICE PRESIDENT | Ted Moock, Junior 
  • TREASURER | Rani Banjarian, Sophomore 
  • MUSICAL DIRECTOR | James McHugh, Sophomore 

Our album, ENCORE, was released! You can get it on iTunes, LOUDR (pick this one!), or a hard copy from the Melodores.


We're looking forward to an AMAZING year - and we hope to keep you well-updated and in the loop with everything we're up to. Look out for a tour announcement, new videos, new member descriptions, and new Melodores headshots and group photos!


Augie Phillips, President