Augie here — Happy Holidays, all! I know it's not Thanksgiving, but these are the first quiet days I've had in a long time to really reflect and be thankful for everything that 2014 brought for myself and for the Melodores! It's been an incredible (and busy!) year.

This song, It Is Well With My Soul, is a special one to us that we've been singing for about a year. I know it's not a "Christmas" song, but we thought it would be a nice way to wrap up this year.

Following our Sing-Off win, we've received a humbling amount of support and love from all of you — however, some of the most powerful emails and notes we've received have been from those of you who have had trials and tragedies come up in the past year and found comfort or a moment of release during our performance of Take Me To Church. THAT is why we love performing and are so blessed to do what we do as a group — the thing we love most is sharing tangible emotions with you, the audience. Thank you for continuing to share your stories with us, and we hope you have a happy holiday season.


We have been humbled and honored by the continuous outpouring of support following our Sing-Off win. Many of you have shared with us stories of your trials and tragedies - and told us that our music and our performance (of Take Me To Church) helped bring even just a little bit of relief to your situation.

Melodores — Season 5 "The Sing-Off!" Champions

Goodness gracious, y'all.

Talk about a dream come true. We cannot thank our friends, family, and fans enough for their constant support — not just tonight, but for the past several years. The sacrifices we've made along the way (our GPAs, friendships, relationships, sleep.. and more) were all validated tonight as The Sing-Off Holiday Special aired... and we won. WHAT. WHAT.

This is a huge win for the collegiate a cappella community, and hopefully for the a cappella community as well — this show is the reason that many of us started singing, and especially singing a cappella. Just to share that stage with the incredible talent that night was overwhelming, and then to win...

When that confetti fell, I (Augie here, by the way) was speechless. I'm writing this pre-airing of the show, but I'm still shaking. Can't stop. I'm hoping that the team at NBC somehow managed to cut together the jumbled string of words I spewed out when Nick asked me how I felt.

How did I feel, Nick? Emotional. Honored. Proud. Spent. Overwhelmed.. and so very excited. As a senior, this year meant the end of my time with the Melodores, the end of my time traveling across the country to sing on random weekends, the end of my time spending Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends with my brothers making music with only our voices. And now? Possibilities. Endless possibilities. 

It's still hard for me to comprehend. Keep an ear to the ground for new music, new videos, new photos, and new tour dates from the Melodores. Please reach out to us, we'd love to sing for you.

MeloLove, until the very, very end.

The Vanderbilt Melodores

Back to School, Back to Melodores

We're back! Oh, how we've missed singing together. We had our first performance of the year at Spotlight (a performing arts showcase) this past Friday evening - a whopping nine  Melodores sang "Radioactive" to a huge crowd of mainly first-years, hoping to win both new MeloFans and potential new Melodores! 


This Tuesday and Wednesday, from 4PM-9PM, we're having auditions. With the loss of Seth, TC, Will, and Aidan, this is a big recruiting year for us - for the first time (the Melodores were founded in 2009), the Melodores Alumni outnumber the guys in the group.

A few other updates:

Back in the spring, we elected our officer corps for the year:

  • PRESIDENT | Augie Phillips, Junior
  • VICE PRESIDENT | Ted Moock, Junior 
  • TREASURER | Rani Banjarian, Sophomore 
  • MUSICAL DIRECTOR | James McHugh, Sophomore 

Our album, ENCORE, was released! You can get it on iTunes, LOUDR (pick this one!), or a hard copy from the Melodores.


We're looking forward to an AMAZING year - and we hope to keep you well-updated and in the loop with everything we're up to. Look out for a tour announcement, new videos, new member descriptions, and new Melodores headshots and group photos!


Augie Phillips, President